Product Development

Have the invention of the century or something that would make life a bit easier? Then we’re here for you. Our team of expert developers and supreme technology will help bring life to your product. We will develop a product that will not only be impressive but one that will serve it’s utility. Toolcom’s product development team has experience to make the most impressive products out of plastic.

1. Concept design

The first process of any product development is making a concept. Our expert team will feed your input into our digital processing unit and design the details perfectly.

2. Detailed design

Once the concept is designed, we will be looking forward to design the USP of the product. With digitalized detailing, we will convert the concept into a much realistic and practical design.

3. Design failure mode and effect analysis (DFMEA)

We’ve a highly effective DFMEA method that will help us analyze failure modes, failure effect, failure cause and severity. By doing this we will help you eliminate any chances of failure and related damages.

4. Prototype

Post DFMEA, we go to prototype mode. A preliminary version of the product is made and is presented to the client. Our engineers are great at making prototypes.

5. Tool development and validation

With the help of prototype and our team of expert engineers we go all out with tool development. We take cautions and indict proper measures during development.

6. Injection moulding

After the tools have been designed, the production is begun. Through our powerful injection moulding machines, we create a precise and neat product.

7. Value added operations (Assembly/ secondary operation)

Based on scope of supply,we build assembly setup and testing and validation equipments. And also if any kind of decoration is possible on the plastics..

8. Production Part Approval Process(PPAP)

We follow PPAP procedures to release the product into market or to the customers.